MEDION AKOYA E14409: the notebook resistant to falls and water

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MEDION AKOYA E14409 arrives, the notebook resistant to falls and water, let’s find out together in this article

MEDION AKOYA E14409it’s a computer fast, powerful, easy to handle and always with you. This laptop from 14 inches it is extremely useful if what you are looking for is handling and flexibility of use.

Il form factor compact (14 ″), the low weight (1.6 kg) and the good battery life (8 hours) make it easy to store your laptop and make it suitable for on the go.

Plus, you no longer have to worry about making fall your notebook, the MEDION AKOYA E14409 has a quite durable case to withstand drops up to 100 cm (so you can also let your kids play without worries) and it is too resistant to liquids (resistance tested up to 100ml on keyboard and touchpad). So now you can relax and enjoy your favorite cup of tea while working on your notebook.

MEDION AKOYA E14409: the notebook resistant to falls and water

MEDION AKOYA E14409: connessione Intel Wireless-AC9560 standard

It has the connection Intel Wireless-AC9560 standardwhich facilitates and improves broadcasting services throughout the environment, both in office that a casa. Wireless data transmission is particularly efficient and offers higher speeds and improved range. Whether you’re listening to music or streaming movies, everything is faster thanks to WLAN AC.


Available online on Amazon’s MEDION store in two versions: 4GB RAM+128GB SSD or the most powerful 8GB RAM +256GB SSD. For further information on MEDION Italia visit the dedicated website.

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