Mesh eero 6: Amazon’s Wi-Fi 6 system at a price of 149 euros

Here is Mesh eero 6, Amazon’s new high-performance mesh wifi system, equipped with an integrated Zigbee hub, is sold at a price of 149 euros

The Wi-Fi 6 home Amazon, is called Eero 6, the all-new mesh Wi-Fi system that includes the latest technology.

Amazon’s goal is to provide users with faster connection speeds, higher performance and better support for devices connected at the same time. eero 6 allows one Wi-Fi 6 coverage for more than 75 devices connected simultaneously. And it is also equipped with a hub for the house intelligent Zigbee integrated, so when eero 6 connects compatible devices on the network you don’t need a separate hub. Let’s see all the details together.

Mesh eero 6: Amazon's Wi-Fi 6 system at a price of 149 euros

Mesh eero 6: Amazon’s Wi-Fi 6 system at a price of 149 euros

Customers, now more than ever, feel the need for a reliable Wi-Fi network at home. Most people work from home, children learn through distance learning, they are in virtual contact with friends and family, they use a lot of streaming content in 4K and gaming, and often these activities are practiced at the same time. This is why eero 6 offers a great opportunity for customers: the speed and reliability of Wi-Fi 6 at an affordable price

These are the words of Eric Saarnio, Vice President of Amazon Devices EU.

The new device boasts a sleek and compact design that adapts to any decor. Designed for homes with Internet connections up to 500 Mbps, a single eero 6 is a high-performance three-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 router with two Ethernet ports and a Zigbee smart home hub integrated, and covers up to 140 m. One pack of tre eero 6 offers up to 460 m coverage, includes one eero 6 and two eero 6 mesh wifi extenders.

All eero devices use technology TrueMesh to intelligently manage network traffic and avoid buffering, freezes or interruptions, in this way customers are free to range between streaming of content in 4K, gaming and videoconferencing without having to worry about connection speed. Setting up the eero 6 system takes a few minutes, just follow the in-app instructions. The steps to follow are really simple: disconnect the old router, connect the eero 6 router to the modem and access the app.

Mesh eero 6: Amazon's Wi-Fi 6 system at a price of 149 euros

Once the eero 6 is up and running, smart home devices connect to the Wi-Fi network and, thanks to the configurazione Amazon Frustration Free Setup, the connection takes place in a few steps. After setting up your eero and Amazon account, compatible devices immediately connect to the network and stay connected even when you change the network name or password. The integrated Zigbee smart home hub, on the other hand, allows the convenience of taking other additional hubs. After adding the eero and Amazon account, Zigbee devices such as smart lights, locks, sockets and other compatible devices, connect directly to eero.

As for the security issue, however, eero constantly works in the background to protect the home network. For added protection, users will soon be able to sign up for eero Secure for a high level of security of the home Wi-Fi network, including parental controls for safe search: thanks to this activation, inappropriate results are blocked and filters for social media, games, streaming, and adult, violent or illegal content. Advanced security features provide support in preventing access to sites marked as malicious, including malware, spyware, botnets and phishing sites. Additionally, ad blocking helps improve navigation and prevent various trackers on the web.

Mesh eero 6: Amazon's Wi-Fi 6 system at a price of 149 euros

Thanks to data usage insights, families will be able to better manage their online life. Another option will be available soon Eero Secure +, which includes Secure and adds the protection of the most popular security apps by experts such as 1Password for password management, Malwarebytes for malware protection and for VPN on connected devices.

But let’s go to the availability, the eero 6 systems are available starting today at a price of 149 euro (single pack) ea 299 euro (pack of three). Instead for one greater security e protection, customers will soon be able to choose to subscribe to eero Secure for 3.99 euros per month and annually for 39.99 euro; a eero Secure + for 10.99 euros per month and 109.99 euros for the annual subscription.

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