Android 12 Developer Preview 3: the new functions

Developer Preview 3 for Android 12 is out, showing everyone the news and new features introduced. Let’s analyze together

Today it was released the new Developer Preview 3 for the Google operating system, with the release of a detailed changelog. On the net the photo and the information of new update, publicly showing the news. Let’s analyze all the available information together.

Android 12 Developer Preview 3: the functions introduced

The first novelty introduced is the introduction of the splash screen per every application, marked in the changelog as “Improved app launch experience”. Subsequently, they were introduced finishes nell’Settings app, particularly in his menu. There is one search box more large, improved spaces e spacing homogeneous between categories, removing subtitles as well. Now the system recognizes automatically i verified links and will go to open them with the its application, if installed of course. It’s possible search for in widget, through the search bar and new cosmetic improvements, grouping widgets for each application.

Announcements also for the System UI, such as toast notifications in dark mode, new options for the Pixel Launcher with a 4 × 4 grid and improved design. The section Account, present in the Settings, was renamed under Passwords and Accounts, also including the options of automatic insertion. Finally, new animations for the notifications, the menu of Settings and for theapp drawer.

The hidden news

The novelties we will talk about now have been discovered by performing a thorough and detailed analysis in the source code of the build. At the moment, we do not know if they are active and if they will be included in the stable version of the system.

The first novelty seems to be one radical graphic modification, especially regarding the notification curtain. The Toogles become squares, the bar of the brightness definitely more thick and, for devices with ampi display, a layout a two columns and the new toogle for GPay and for the alarm clock. There seems to be one on the way Gaming Dashboard, a probable one function for devices Pixel. This layout allows you to handle quickly some settings e to change, if necessary, i energy profiles to get the maximum performance O save battery. Tablets that use a PIN come safety lock have the option of to shift the numeric keypad for entry, in case you use the device with a single hand. Finally, confirmed hibernation of the applications do not use for more than two months. In this case, the system deactivate the notifications, removes i permissions e clear cache e temporary files to save space.

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