Meta adds new editing tools for the Reels

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Good news for all fans of Reels. These days Meta is adding a series of new tools on Instagram and Facebook, so as to keep up with the competitor TikTok. The updates include new tweak features, the ability to upload longer content, and the ability to share Reels in the Facebook Feed. With these innovations Mark Zuckerberg hopes to attract younger users, who spend a lot of time on TikTok, to the Meta Apps.

Reels: Instagram and Facebook add new editing tools

With the clear intention of competing with TikTok and involving as many users as possible, Meta has chosen to add some features that have always been popular in Stories to Instagram Reels, such as surveys, emoji e stickers. In addition, the App also adds new editing tools that should offer creators more flexibility in the type of videos they can share on the platform. With the update, creators will be able to import your own audio inside the Reels. And users will now be able to use pre-built templates to create creator-like videos.

Credits: Meta

Finally, among the most interesting changes proposed by Meta is the increase in the maximum duration of Instagram Reels at 90 seconds. A limit quite far from the 10 minutes of TikTok, but still an upgrade from the current 60 seconds. And that’s not all. Zuckerberg’s company is also adding interesting improvements to the Reels of Facebook. As of now, creators will be able to share their videos too dal browser web. Indeed, as reported by Meta: “we are starting to implement tools for creating clips from video on the computer that will facilitate the testing of various formats for creators who publish long-form videos, live or recorded“.

Finally, it would seem that Facebook will soon try to push the Reels much more into the users’ Feed, so as to expand their visibility. Indeed, it seems that Meta will ask the creators of Instagram to share Reels also on Facebook, in order to attract the attention of the public to the new Meta format.

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