Meta allows you to block tracking, under EU pressure

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Metathe company that owns it Facebook, WhatsApp e Instagramannounced that it will allow its users in the European Union (EU) to choose whether to be tracked for targeted advertising. This move is a response to sanctions imposed by European regulators, who fined Meta millions of dollars for violating privacy and competition laws.

Meta allows you to block tracking in the EU

The novelty will allow users to choose whether to allow the use of their data for advertising purposes. An important measure for privacy and freedom of choice for users. Although much contested by Meta itself, which promises to continue the discussion with the EU in the courts.

However, giving up tracking will not be easy. Users will need to fill out an online form and wait for Meta to approve or deny their request. Additionally, Meta has stated that she will continue to challenge EU decisions in court and that it does not intend to give up on its data-driven business model.

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Meta claims to offer its users a personalized and valuable experience thanks to tracking. But many critics believe it is one violation of privacy and consumer rightsthe. Above all, because users cannot choose otherwise.

The EU was among the first to impose stricter rules on the processing of personal data, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and has shown that it is willing to enforce its laws with steep fines and injunctions. But the clash with Meta will continue – despite this concession.

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