Meta announces Meta Quest Pro + Horizon Worlds

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Meta announces Meta Quest Pro + Horizon Worlds, VR developments for fitness and gaming, let’s find out everything in this dedicated article

This week Mark Zuckerberg, took the virtual stage to present the new ones hardware, software and content from Meta Connect 2022. With exciting announcements, including the new one headset VR advanced and high-end, Meta Quest Proin addition to games, VR fitness and the developments of Horizon Worlds.

  • Horizon Worlds: Currently available via Quest 2, players will soon be able to meet up with friends in Horizon Worlds via phone or laptop.
  • For fitness fanatics, the Meta Quest 2 Active Pack will also be launched on October 25, which contains adjustable wrist straps and knuckles, as well as a facial interface. In the fall, the Fitness API Beta will also be available for select developers, allowing them to share fitness data in real time with specific applications, unlocking custom stats or new levels based on progress.
  • For Marvel gamers and fans, Marvel’s Iron Man VR will launch on November 3 on Meta Quest 2. Among other announcements, Among Us VR, a first-person revisited version of InnerSloth’s hit party game, launching on 10 November and, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, which this December will bring you back to New Orleans infested with walkers. We also announced the arrival of Xbox Cloud Gaming in the Quest Store, which will allow you to stream hundreds of high-quality games on a wide range of devices.

Meta announces Meta Quest Pro + Horizon Worlds


Mark Zuckerberg, officially announced Meta Quest Pro, the new advanced, high-end VR headset. Following the announcement of pre-orders, Meta Quest Pro will be available for purchase on 25 October at the price of 1,799.99 euros. The price includes the headset, Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, stylus tips, inserts to partially block the light and the charging dock.

The first model in Meta’s new line of high-end devices, and is packed with innovative features such as high-resolution sensors for a great mixed reality experience, LCD display for crisp images, a completely new and sleeker design, plus eye and facial expression tracking to help your avatar mirror you more naturally in virtual reality.


On October 25, the Meta Quest 2 Active Pack, to make exercise in VR an even more beautiful experience. Available for pre-order, the Active Pack will contain wrist straps and adjustable knuckle straps, as well as a facial interface that can be easily cleaned after training.

This year, one of the features that many users asked for was introduced: fitness tracking on the Meta Quest app and the app Health di iOS. And if you need outside motivation, next year we’ll also be introducing a new way to share your fitness progress with select friends, for additional support or some friendly competition.

Meta announces Meta Quest Pro + Horizon Worlds


Al Connect was shown the work Meta is doing to bring Worlds on other platforms, so that in the future you can use smartphone o laptop to visit friends in VR and vice versa. A method to take videos made in Worlds and easily share them on Instagram like Reel is being tested.

Finally, it was announced that next year it will begin a multi-year collaboration with NBC Universal, bringing iconic comedy and horror experiences to the metaverse. It will also be possible to follow users’ favorite programming on NBCUniversal, when the app Peacock will arrive on Meta Quest next year.


There are many more games on the way, from the surprise announcement of Marvel’s Iron Man VR on Meta Quest 2, to updates on Among Us VR e The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, a brand new project by Skydance Interactive and even Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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