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Meta announces new AI-powered tools for ads

Meta he had already hinted that he wanted to implement the advertising tools with artificial intelligence. For this reason, it announced an AI sandbox for advertisers to create tailor-made images on Facebook and Instagram.

Meta advertising powered by artificial intelligence: how does it work?

The use of artificial intelligence in advertising introduced by Meta has allowed us to give life to many iterations of the same ad, based on the target audience segments. Despite this, it is possible to keep the same underlying message of advertising, being able to change the colors, backgrounds and other details.

At the moment, only some companies can use these new advertising tools powered by Meta’s artificial intelligence, while advertisers will be able to take advantage of the tools starting in July.

This is what Meta said about it:

“Currently, we’re working with a small group of advertisers to quickly gather feedback that we can use to make these products even better. In July, we will begin gradually expanding access to more advertisers with plans to add some of these features to our products later this year.”

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Meta launches an AI project that transforms drawings into animations

Meta shared with the audience a artificial intelligence project which allows for animate your drawings: Animated Drawings.The company wants other developers to be able to create more fun and creative applications with Animated Drawingswhich he launched as a project open source.

Animated Drawings online tool works with drawings of humanoid characters. Users can upload their own sketches or choose an example from those featured on the site. If they agree to do it, Meta can use their designs to improve its models.

After fitting a frame to the drawing and having indicated the joints of the drawn character, the tool shows a animated version of the character. All through AI, in a way that seems almost magical – but it’s all technological. Users can choose from different animations from categories like dancing, funny, jumping and walking.

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