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Meta announces the new Meta Quest 3 headset

Mark Zuckerberg announced a new headset during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase June 1st. It’s about Meta Quest 3, the successor to the popular Meta Quest 2, which promises to offer superior visual quality, greater processing power, innovative technology of Meta Reality and a lighter, more comfortable design. It will arrive in the fall with a starting price of 5€69.99 for the 128GB version.

Meta Quest 3, announced the new VR viewer

Meta Quest 3 is the most advanced wireless viewer among those of the American company. In fact, it features a high resolution display and pancake lenses which offer an enhanced viewing experience. Thanks to the partnership with Qualcomm TechnologiesQuest 3 integrates a chipset Snapdragon of new generation that rdoubles the graphics performance compared to Quest 2.

With Meta Quest 3 also comes the Meta Reality technologywhich allows you to experience that combine the real and virtual worlds in a fluid way, according to what Meta explains to us. Artificial intelligence allows understanding of space, to interact with both virtual and physical objects, and move in space in a natural and intuitive way.

meta quest 3 viewer minComparison of Quest 2 and Quest 3 (right)

The AI-powered Presence Platform instead it offers the tools for create mixed reality (MR). The developers were able to imagine new possibilities with a headset. Now Quest 3 uses two 4MP color RGB cameras, a depth sensor for better perception of the gaming environment and a 10x higher passthrough resolution than Quest 2. This way, VR and MR experiences are smoother.

Meta has also slimmed down the design (40% thinner than Quest 2), made the Meta Touch Plus more ergonomic. In short, it made the device more competitive. But he also announced a price drop for the Quest 2, which will drop to €349.99 for the 128GB version and €399.99 for the 256GB version.

Find more information in the Meta blogpost, while here you can sign up to get Meta Quest 3 when it arrives this fall.

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