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Meta cancels development of new smartwatches

To counter the effects of the current crisis, Meta continues to cut projects: the last stops arrive for the Portal smart screens and for the development of new smartwatch of the company. These are new cuts for the giant that controls Facebook and Instagram. After the total failure of the metaverse project, which for now has only resulted in losses for the company, today Meta is looking at a clear downsizing which has already led to the dismissal of 11,000 employees. Here are the latest details that have emerged about the company’s future:

Meta cuts again: no more Portal screens and smartwatches

Meta will no longer build Portal smart screens which are part of the cuts wanted by the company to contain costs. Also noteworthy is theGoodbye to the project to develop smartwatches on which the company had been working for some time.

According to initial information, in fact, Meta was developing a smartwatch with the aim of starting its sale already by the end of the first half of 2023. The project, therefore, would have been canceled in an already final phase of development.

For the foreseeable future, the company intends to focus on virtual reality and on the development of headsets like the new Meta Quest Pro. This is a risky strategy considering the poor results obtained by the metaverse.

However, virtual reality lends itself to various applications and Meta could try to carve out its space in the sector to counter the effects of the crisis. We’ll see what the company intends to do to survive.

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