Meta designs physical stores

Meta progetta store fisici thumbnail

Before even changing its name to Metaapparently Facebook was already planning to open physical stores. According to what the New York Times reported, the first discussions on the opening of stores related to the brand date back to last year. In all this time, however, the project has not materialized at all, and indeed it is not certain that it will. In any case, the rebranding of Facebook could help the company to pursue a goal that has never before achieved, such as the opening of physical stores itself.

Meta: physical stores are coming to showcase the company’s devices

Meta could open physical stores in the future. But these would not be simple retail stores, but rather places where users would have the opportunity to live the experience of the devices developed by its Reality Labs division. Among these, the virtual reality viewer Oculus Quest e i gadget Portal, primarily designed for video calling. And maybe even the smart glasses that Facebook has developed in collaboration with Ray-Ban. The company’s goal, in fact, would be to arouse “curiosity” and “closeness” with its physical stores, as well as providing users with a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy a “journey without judgment” by experimenting with the viewer.

Indeed, according to some documents leaked to the Times, Meta would be imagining store with a modern aesthetic and minimalist, as well as with an imperceptible brand positioning. In this regard, it would appear that the company has considered many possible names. Facebook Hub, Facebook Commons, Facebook Innovations, Facebook Reality Store and From Facebook, to name a few. Eventually, the ultimate decision would fall on Facebook Store, although perhaps the name will change due to the rebranding.

In conclusion, if Meta continues with this project, the first physical store should open in Burlingame, California, where the Reality Labs office is located. Even if the stores could really expand all over the world. On the other hand, as we know, Mark Zuckerberg is really very good at this.