Meta has chosen the Politecnico di Milano to carry out a study on the metaverse

Meta has chosen the Politecnico di Milano to carry out a study on the metaverse

Meta has announced an important investment in Europe, which will also involve Italy, as part of a research project which will involve the Politecnico di Milano. As part of the XR Programs and Research Fund the group that manages Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will collaborate with the Polytechnic for the creation of one independent academic study of the risks and opportunities of the metaverse. In addition to Italy, the project involves 6 other European countries, to explore the various aspects of the virtual worlds of the future.

“The metaverse – thanks to its immersive and spatial character – will revolutionize the way people interact with content and with each other, by virtue of the reduction of cognitive loads linked to learning processes and the possibility of making any media experience more engaging . And it is precisely in this perspective that the importance of carrying out a systematic study of its effects to qualify opportunities and threats for industrial and social systems can be deduced; the scientific community can in particular play a significant role in identifying the fields of application and their impact on the Italian and European economy”, he says Giuliano Nociscientific director (together with Lucius Lamberti) of the study at the Politecnico di Milano.

Meta’s next metaverse passes through the Politecnico di Milano

When we refer to the metaverse we always think of a virtual future made up of skills, job opportunities and revolutionary technology. However, the path is dotted with pitfalls, and this future, to be functional, needs to be fully understood. The study of the Politecnico di Milano aims precisely at analyze the economic weight and social value of the metaverse. The impact on individuals, society and the economy will be mapped using Italy as a concrete case study.

“The metaverse will be the result of a collective effort, which is why we believe it is essential to deal with authoritative third parties who can offer important food for thought. We could not be more proud to collaborate with the Politecnico di Milano, an academic institution that has been leading a privileged observatory on this issue for some time. We hope that their research can offer concrete elements to make the metaverse a social and economic opportunity on a global level” – he says Angelo MazzettiHead of Institutional Affairs of Meta in Italy.

The metaverse, to be functional, must necessarily be inclusive and people will have to feel safe inside. This because no company will own or manage it independently, collaboration and cooperation will therefore be necessary. And it is precisely for this reason that Meta has launched a funding campaign in Europe, entrusting research to external bodies, to explore how to build the metaverse responsibly. As part of Project Meta works with industry partners, civil rights groups, governments, nonprofits, and academic institutions to help determine the risks and opportunities of the metaverse.

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