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Meta opens up to adult content in Horizon Worlds

Good news for the inhabitants of Horizon Worlds. Meta just added un tag 18+ for user-created worlds, and updated the policy to allow creators to include “mature” content. Indeed, according to what was reported by UploadVR, the creators have already received instructions to indicate whether their world is to be considered mature or safe for a younger audience. An interesting turning point in the management of the metaverse by the Zuckerberg company.

Horizon Worlds: Meta allows for mature content

From what we know, until a few months ago Meta had banned the sexually suggestive content in Horizon Worlds, along with those who are graphically violent and others who promoted alcohol or drugs. Now, apparently, the policy appears to have changed. Now i “mature” contents are allowed, provided they are marked with a specific tag. Therefore, “quasi nudity, representations of people in implicit or allusive positions, or an environment centered on excessively allusive activities” are allowed. But that doesn’t mean porn is allowed, quite the contrary. Especially considering that there are still some restrictions on Meta’s part.

The same goes for violence or some regulated substances. Horizon Worlds admits the “promotion of marijuana, alcohol, tobacco or age-regulated activities (including gambling)”, but certainly not “illegal drugs or prescription drug abuse”. Even “intense or excessively violent fictional content […] that could shock or disgust users ”are allowed. But it absolutely is violence in real life prohibited. On the other hand, Meta’s goal is to create a “safe and welcoming environment for everyone”, and she is trying to do her best to make it happen. However, leaving the creators the freedom.

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