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Meta Pauses Reels Creators Monetization Program

Meta is phasing out a major program of its own, which previously helped i Reels creators on Facebook and Instagram monetize. The program Reels Play Bonusintroduced in December of 2021, offered monthly payments to creators who met certain viewership goals and other metrics. But now the company wants to “evolve” the system: focusing more on advertising.

Meta, stop the program to monetize Reels on Facebook and Instagram

Business Insider explains that the days of the Reels Play bonus are numbered. These incentives, which they had promised the creators of earn up to $35,000 a monthwere part of a larger initiative by Meta to incentivize creators to monetize their content on Reels and increase competition with TikTok.

However, Meta recently stated that it wants tor “evolve” the program and not to further extend the Reels Play Bonus offers for creators on Facebook and Instagram in the US right now. The company specified that it could still offer targeted incentives to creators in new markets.

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One of the reasons why i Reels Play Bonus and the planned expansion of the advertising on Reels. This would allow creators to monetize their content through advertising deals with companies.

Tom Alison, who runs Meta’s Facebook app, hinted at the change earlier this week in a company blog post about the company’s priorities. He said, “We will continue to expand testing on our Facebook Reels ads to help more creators earn ad revenue for their Reels and grow virtual gifting through Stars on Reels.”

While no exact timeline has been provided, the fact that Meta is now reducing its bonus program suggests that Reels’ advertising expansion may be imminent.

This will allow creators to change how they earn. Although it remains to be seen whether they will be better, or not.

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