Meta pubblica il primo Annual Human Rights Report thumbnail

Meta publishes its first Annual Human Rights Report

Meta publishes the first Annual Human Rights Report thumbnail

In these hours, Metathe company that runs Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has released its first Annual Human Rights Report covering the years 2020 and 2021. The report in question describes in detail all the actions implemented by Meta to address potential human rights problems deriving from the use of its products and services.

Meta releases its first Annual Human Rights Report: here are the details

Meta’s first Annual Human Rights Report is online. This report is based on the work done by the company (which was still called Facebook at the time) from 2018 onwards to assess the human rights impact of its services.

The report describes the data management policy, a topic that is always very “hot” for the company, and how the company protects people from “illegal or excessive government surveillance,” another particularly topical issue.

The role of the crittografia end to end in protecting the privacy of individuals and of all journalists and defenders of human relations. The report also talks about the safety of younger people on Instagram and how the company aims to combat child exploitation.

In order to read the full version of the new Annual Human Rights Report you can consult the official company website from which it will be possible to proceed with the download.

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