Meta Quest 2: here are the VR games of October not to be missed

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Here are all the new VR games for Meta Quest 2 to keep an eye on in October 2022

Summer is now behind us and we all know that this means a new season of games on Meta Quest 2 (here to visit the site) to look forward to! Below we will show you all the titles not to be missed in the month of October

Details on the new VR games of the month of October of Meta Quest 2

Let’s start with BONELAB of Stress Level Zero. Developer Stress Level Zero’s next VR shooter launched on September 29, for Meta Quest 2! Formerly known as Project 4, Bonelab takes place in the same universe as the surreal FPS Boneworks and the studio has spent the past two years improving its famed physics engine, Marrow. Weapons and other objects in the environment behave in a realistic way. Thus you will have the freedom to take on interdimensional missions (such as arenas, obstacle courses and tactical trials) as you wish.

Crisis Brigade 2 reloaded by Sumalab. The adrenaline-pumping VR shooter Crisis Brigade 2 reloaded arrives on the Meta Quest Store! Formerly known as Crisis VRigade 2, it sees players join the Crisis Brigade, a specialized task force tasked with responding to massive outbreaks of armed criminal activity. Through VR, players must use cover effectively, aim for shots, and cross streets overrun by criminals to take out the gang leader and save the day. It’s not enough to always hide in cover, players will have to race against time to complete each mission.

Meta Quest 2: here are the VR games of October not to be missed

Into the Radius

– Blink & Shoot Update by CM Games. The atmospheric single-player open-world survival shooter Into the Radius received a free update on October 6th! The Blink & Shoot update added new weapons, from pistols to assault rifles, and a new blink locomotion mode that gives players more VR movement options. In addition to fixing bugs, CM Games has also implemented some of the most requested quality of life improvements. Replacing the scattering of objects upon the player’s death with a falling backpack with all objects inside. Or the ability to adjust the smoothing settings of the aiming input for scoped weapons.

Townscaper VR by Raw FuryTownscaper VR, originally released in June 2020 with rave reviews from gamers around the world. It is an indie city builder that allows players of any experience to build their own idyllic cities by the ocean with just a few clicks. Now fans and newcomers will be able to fully immerse themselves in the creative process and experience building their own picturesque and colorful cities in a more immersive way.

By TruantPixel. Launched on October 6th for Meta Quest 2. , an anime-inspired arcade motorcycle fighting game. The game features visceral first person driving / shooting gameplay with a presentation that embraces the unique visual style of prestige anime of the late 1980s. Driving through traffic at breakneck speed, players will make their way through 7 unique levels. Fending off waves of enemies and taking on huge bosses, all accompanied by a dynamic and immersive soundtrack. Using only their wits, their cybernetics, and a unique set of power-ups and special abilities, players become the runners of this fast-paced and kinetic VR experience.

I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home by Schell Games. In this escape room experience from the developers of the I Expect You To Die franchise, players become secret agents in their living room in I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home. A short mini-mission in mixed reality set in the universe of I Expect You To Die. After being smuggled out of a top-secret medical facility, players must use their new eye implant to solve puzzles and escape sinister traps. They will also have to use the latest spy technology to defeat Dr. Zor’s evil plans. If poison gas isn’t killing agents who work from home, the Zornets surely will.

Meta Quest 2: here are the VR games of October not to be missed

Trick or Treat: The Halloween VR games for Meta Quest 2

Spooky season is upon us, which means there will be plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween with your VR games favorites in October! We have compiled a list of games on Quest 2 that feature Halloween-themed content and the start dates of their in-game events.

  • 4 October – Twilight Zone di Pocket Money Games
  • 4 October – Exorcist of Wolf & Wood, Ltd.;
  • 6 October – TOTALLY BASEBALL in Viewer Ready
  • 12 October – ForeVR Bowl by ForeVR
  • 20 October – Epic Roller Coasters go B4T
  • 20 October – Shock Troops di Garage Collective
  • 25 October – Puzzling Places by

A look at the latest October VR games for Meta Quest 2

Below you will find some of the games you may have missed in the last month. In addition, we remind you that every Saturday will be published on the Meta Quest blog the weekly releases of VR games.

NFL PRO ERA by StatusPRO. Buckle up virtual cleats as the new starting quarterback of your favorite NFL team and experience what it’s like to get out of the tunnel, take to the field and command the huddle like a leader. Made by developer StatusPRO, in partnership with the NFL and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). NFL PRO ERA is the first officially licensed VR football simulation game that features all the iconic teams, major players and immersive details of real football.

Ancient Dungeon by ErThu. Grab your gear and enter this rogue-lite dungeon crawler! The Ancient Dungeon is known throughout the earth; a place of wickedness and danger for all but a few brave souls. Spin swords, throw knives, and shoot arrows as if you were holding weapons yourself as you explore a vast dungeon with ever-changing paths.

After the Fall – Reclamation Update by Vertigo Games. With the Reclamation update, After the Fall receives a new collection map called Downtown and a new map for the horde mode called Mall. On the Downtown map, whiz past the haunted skyscrapers atop the streets of what’s left of Los Angeles. If horde mode is your style, in the new Mall map you will need to keep an eye on the ceilings, guard the stairs and cover the shop windows to survive as long as possible in the abandoned Twin Palms Mall. The Reclamation update also expands your arsenal and adds new modes as well as several gameplay updates. Join the fight and take the city back!

Meta Quest 2: here are the VR games of October not to be missed


By Resolution Games. The door areas light up. The crowd roars. A perfectly designed mech enters the arena under your control. Welcome to Ultimechs, Resolution Games’ ultimate multiplayer experience. Ultimechs is a free VR game that allows players to remotely pilot high-performance mechs that compete in the future of sport. As opposing teams zoom, block, strike and mark their way to victory. Taking everything that makes today’s sport great and combining it with the inconceivable technology of tomorrow, Ultimechs represents the pinnacle of engineered athletic achievement.

Into the Radius by CM Games. Pechorsk is not for the faint of heart. The city is in a state of constant decay, mysterious creatures roam the streets and there is no one else to support you. This is the harsh post-apocalyptic environment of the single player survival shooter Into the Radius. We find ourselves in the middle of the devastated area, cut off from the outside world. Your weapons and your wits are all you have left. Fight deadly enemies, dodge dangerous anomalies, and collect wonderful artifacts as you make your way to the center of the Ray to find your way out.

Library by Librarium Incorporated. Let’s face it. Traditional study methods are boring. Librarium helps you learn faster, remember better and pass the exam – all while having fun! Studies show that learning in an immersive environment has real benefits for students. A University of Maryland study showed that VR memory palace training increased long-term memory retention by 33%. Librarium offers a variety of study subjects to choose from. There are free community offers and premium content for sale from Kaplan, the test-prep industry leader, with ever-new content. The more you study, the more you can explore! Let’s make learning fun again.

Puzzling Places

The Ukraine Pack by inc. To celebrate Ukraine’s rich and varied history of unique architecture, is introducing the Ukraine Pack for Puzzling Places. A special DLC collection of six unique pieces for players. Furthermore, for the first three months, all proceeds from this package will be donated to humanitarian aid and cultural conservation in Ukraine. With half of the revenues going to Skeiron for his initiative #SaveUkranianHeritage and the other half to an emergency non-profit organization, NewHorizonsUkraine. The package includes the St. Stanislaus Church, the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater, the Golden Gate, the Round Courtyard, the Church of the Ascension and the Bell Tower of the Dormition Cathedral.

Intercosmos 2000 by Ovid Works. Go into space. Save the future. Try not to die. Welcome (again) to the world of Interkosmos for an even more wild, weird and wonderful adventure. Experience the intense euphoria of space flight. Explore the impressive interior of a realistic space capsule. Learn about the crucial systems that will keep you in orbit (and breathe). And as you do, do your best not to die. If you complete the mission, you could save the future and yourself. What if you fail? Let’s not think about it. With more challenges, stunning graphics, and more hours of replay value than ever, the year 2000 has never been so exciting.

Meta Quest 2: here are the VR games of October not to be missed


By ROTU Entertainment & Media, Ltd .. Eolia is a fantasy adventure from the award-winning Rhythm of the Universe series and the sequel to Ionia. Journey into the deserts of Aeolian as Conga Dholak, a Modus determined to save the earth from the great storm. Follow the inhabitants of Aeolian as they tell the story of Salius Locrius and Nagrus Mohre, the great storm that left destruction in its wake. Experience the “Hands First” design, using hand tracking to craft tools, pick up items, ride your mighty steed and more. Solve challenging puzzles as you explore Eoilia, collect supplies and collectibles, and play tunes to unlock musical superpowers.

NERF Ultimate…