Meta Quest 3: announced the launch for the fall

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The Meta Quest 3 will retail for $499.99, will feature a new Snapdragon chipset, Meta Reality technology and more, let’s find out together

Meta recently announced their next generation of headphones for the virtual reality during the Meta Gaming Showcase. The Quest 3 will be available this fall at a price of $499.99, and you’ll also get an additional storage option for more space, though pricing details for that option are not yet known.

The main news | Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 will be fully compatible with the bookshelf of the Quest 2 and will present a series of hardware improvements. Among them will be a display with a higher resolution, pancake optics and a new one chipset Snapdragon of the latest generation developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, which will deliver double the graphics performance of the Quest 2’s GPU. The Meta Quest 3 will also have a optical profile thinner than 40% compared to the Quest 2 and a design more elegant and comfortable. The controllers have been redesigned to offer better ergonomics, and external tracking rings will no longer be used. Furthermore, i controller they will be equipped with feedback aptico and full hand tracking.

The headsets will also take advantage of Meta Reality technology, as Meta plans to expand its mixed reality offering. This will include high-fidelity color shifting and improvements in machine learning and spatial understanding to deliver an even more immersive mixed reality experience. No specific release date has been announced at this time Quest 3. Also, from June 4thMeta will introduce a price reduction for the Quest 2 and will release an update that will improve the performance of the GPU and CPU.

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