Meta Quest, the v47 update brings a mirror to VR (and beyond)

Meta Quest, l'aggiornamento v47 porta una specchio in VR (e non solo) thumbnail

Meta Quest announces thev47 updatewhich brings several new features especially on Meta Quest Pro, the new viewer. But not only: in Horizon Home comes one VR mirrorcomes the opportunity to share your own Wishlist (an interesting update during the holidays!). Here are all the main news.

Meta Quest, the v47 update brings a lot of new features

The first news to arrive concern Meta Quest Pro: After all, this is the first update since the launch of the headset. A first important detail is the background audio playbackperfect for those who want some music or a podcast while doing other things.

Also, comes the Mixed reality capture, that allows you to show the best moments in mixed reality to your friends: in fact you can also show what happens with Passthrough enabled.

The ability to make public the your Meta Quest Store Wish List allows you to create links and send the gifts you want to others as well. A particularly comfortable solution during the holidays.

Meta has also updated the Meta Quest Mobile app to make it easier to find your VR friends, as well as add a widget to show headset and controller battery, as well as making it easy to start casting.

The possibility of trying on clothes, haircuts or anything else you might expect is interesting avatar in the Horizon Home mirror on Meta Quest 2 and Pro. In this your avatar will always look stylish when roaming Horizon Worlds.

You can find all the release notes of theMeta Quest v47 update here. Instead here you find the blog post of Meta Quest.

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