Meta, pene severe per la diffusione di recensioni finte su Facebook thumbnail

Meta, severe penalties for spreading fake reviews on Facebook

Meta has updated its policies to impose stricter penalties for the dissemination of fake reviews on Facebook. This decision comes because it appears that several users were tricking the system, with bogus reviews (both positive and negative). Then come stricter controls and harsher punishments.

Meta, tougher penalties for fake Facebook reviews

Even before this update, Facebook was punishing fake reviews left on the social network. If trust is lacking, a review system simply cannot work. But now the social writes the rules on its policy page, making everything official.

The functional changes for the moment, however, will only affect the stores on the Facebook market in America, where the functions can be used Ratings & Reviews e Questions & Answers. In the future, however, the social network intends to expand the changes to other markets as well.

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Now users can no longer officially pretend reviews in exchange for money or gifts. Encouraging reviews or posts will no longer be possible, unless it is part of a brand agreement with the platform (egfor example an ad hoc marketing campaign).

Also, the reviews will have to necessarily relate to the services or user experience with the products sold. Spam will therefore be monitored more carefully, promotions with continuous posts cannot be made.

Finally, a greater focus on offensive content: no threats or conte adults in Facebook reviews.

If found guilty, users will have the review removed. And after a number of violations, they will be banned. If companies are found guilty, they risk losing the ability to tag products and other functions. These changes want to give the social network more room to maneuver to prevent unethical vendors from ‘cheating’ on reviews. Making the Facebook marketplace a little more transparent and secure.

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