Meta crede ancora nel metaverso e rinnova l'impegno nei Reality Labs thumbnail

Meta still believes in the metaverse and renews its commitment to Reality Labs

Il 2022 It’s been a complicated year for many tech companies e Meta it certainly made no difference, but summing up the multinational decided to renew its commitment to a better future and, surprisingly, nei Reality Labs.

Meta’s results in 2022

The aftermath of Covid, inflation and the war have done a lot of harm in this 2022, with very tough moments for Meta and for most of the competing companies.

As he admits Andrew Bosworth, CTO of Reality Labs in a post released on Meta’s blog, it’s very easy to enjoy popularity and success during big booms, less so when things get tough and tangled and all at the expense of innovation.

Yet, despite everything, Meta wants to continue to believe in it, investing in the construction of new technologies and implementing existing ones, to carry on a constant commitment towards a different and more digital future possible.

For example, again according to what the CTO of Reality Labs writes, despite the negativity of the year still in progress, Q3 in October nonetheless reported satisfactory results: active users on Facebook were at historical highswhile Instagram recorded 2 billion monthly assets and Whatsapp 2 billion daily activities.

Furthermore Bosworth states that the 20% of investments of Meta will recommit to support i Reality Labs, while 80% will remain focused on the core business. And it is precisely from the first that the propulsion for a different future could start, centered on what we have come to know over the last year as metaverso.

Will it really be like this?

Meta’s Reality Labs are working to perfect augmented reality

In October, Meta launched the Meta Quest Pro for augmented reality, confirming its intentions to stabilize the metaverse with an innovative product, characterized by a latest generation technology.

The intention therefore is to allow AR and VR devices to reach their full potential in the near future. Obviously, notes Bosworth, it’s not just the technologies that make the difference, but also the people, and having a cohesive team, whose members are all geared towards the same goal, is an added value.

Furthermore, Meta intends to further enrich augmented reality with digital objects inserted in a physical environment, substantially mixing the real and the unreal. A taste of this innovation is given by Figmin XRan app designed specifically for the creation of virtual objects and spaces in mixed reality.

In any case, there are many expectations that the company has in 2023: first of all, the Reality Labs intend to focus on the growth of Horizon Worlds and on the launch of a new Meta Questnot counting the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase expected for spring.

Le note negative

Bosworth’s long post almost seems to want to make forget and justify the difficulties met by Meta in the last year. In reality, the metaverse so desired by Zuckerberg has not found the desired success, being greeted with little warmth by the public and by the Meta developers themselves.

Another couple of negative factors must also be taken into account: the multitude of lost investments and the billions of dollars that went up in smoke during 2022 precisely because of the limited successes of Reality Labs.

Yet Meta seems to want to go straight on its way, ignoring the failures and renewing its faith in Reality Labs and in a future that hopefully will be more rosy than this nefarious 2022.

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