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Meta: The Transparency Tracking App will cost the company $ 10 billion

A start to the year to forget for Meta, which is losing advertisers on both Facebook and Instagram, due to Apple’s Tracking Transparency App. We understand well what it is and what is happening.

What is the App Tracking Transparency that is bringing Meta to its knees?

With the release of iOS 14.5 was also released theApp Tracking Transparency, a new feature linked to cookies and advertising tracking. The novelty affects all apps, and requires the individual user to give explicit consent, frowned upon by many users, who in fact tend not to accept. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) explains that the consequences are mainly Meta, which has seen a decline in advertisers on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

WSJ testifies that after the introduction of iOS 14.5 there has been a real collapse of the advertisements on the two Zuckerberghian social networks, with the advertising budget spent which has practically halved. The causes are directly related to the distrust of subscribers in accepting the App Tracking Transparency. In fact, not accepting it means sharing less sensitive and interest data with the platforms, with one consequent decrease in the effectiveness of advertisements. In fact, advertisements become less targeted, e the conversion rate per click drops dramatically. It seems to be Google who gainswhich thus becomes the new platform preferred by advertisers.

The company expects to lose $ 10 billion in 2022

The company formerly known as Facebook admitted that due to App Tracking Transparency it will lose about 10 billion dollars in turnover this year. Not an easy period, due to a blow that comes after the crypto project collapsed and the loss – for the first time in Facebook’s history – of registered users. All this obviously spilled over to the bag, where the stock plummeted, causing an estimated capitalization loss of more than $ 200 billion. WJS reports that with a simple new feature, Apple would have brought the Meta brand to its knees, disrupting its business model.

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