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Meta vs Apple, a “philosophical competition” on the metaverse

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Apple e Meta I’m in a “philosophical competition very deep”To build the metaverse. According to the CEO of Meta, this comparison could depend on “the direction in which the internet should go”.

Meta vs Apple, a competition of ‘philosophies’ for the metaverse

The Verge reported a transcript of a meeting that Meta’s CEO did with all of the company’s employees, leaked to the press. Zuckerberg explains that for augmented and virtual reality, Apple will want to position itself with products more expensive than those of Meta, which will want to continue to be competitive on price. But that wouldn’t be the only difference.

In fact, between the two there would be a “competition of philosophies and ideas, where they believe in doing everything by yourself and tightly integrate what they build to build a better user experience. While we believe that there can be a lot of specialization between different companies and that this will allow a bigger ecosystem to exist ”.

Meta recently helped create the Metaverse Open Standards Group, which aims to build common standards to integrate hardware and software for the metaverse. In the group there are companies like Microsoft and video game companies like Epic Games. But Apple is missing.

Zuckeberg told employees not to be surprised of this and that Apple wants an ecosystem that has the iPhone as a pivot. But for the metaverse “it is not yet clear whether an open or closed ecosystem will be better”.

The competition will therefore take place, not only on the quality of the viewers and on the price but on the economic model that companies will want to adopt. Apple is expected to launch the its AR / VR headset entro this year. And give us a first clue to understand if Zuckerberg is right or not.

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