Meta wants to become an app store in Europe

Meta vuole diventare uno store per app in Europa thumbnail

Meta announced its plans to allow people in theEuropean Union to download directly app via Facebook Adsk, thus preparing to compete with the Google and Apple app stores.

Meta transforms Facebook into an app store in Europe

This new form of advertising will be a pilot project later this year, involving some Android app developers. Meta sees this opportunity thanks to the new EU regulation called Digital Markets Act (DMA), which should come into force next spring. This regulation calls on Apple and Google to open up their mobile platforms to alternative methods of downloading apps.

While Android technically already allows sideloading, Google complicates the process by linking in-app billing and licensing to the Play Store, as well as showing alerts when someone tries to download an Android app from a different source. However, Meta thinks it is safer to test this on Android rather than Apple’s iOS.

Developers might benefit from higher conversion rates for advertisements focused on their app installs. Initially, Meta does not plan to reduce the in-app revenue of the developers participating in the pilot, allowing them to use the billing system of their choice.

A spokesperson for Meta, Tom Channick, confirmed to The Verge: “We have always been interested in helping developers distribute their apps and new options would add more competition in this space. Developers deserve more ways to easily get their apps to the people who want them.”

Meta is not alone. It seems that Microsoft also wants to launch an alternative app store for games on iOS and Android in Europe next year.

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