Meta will have to pay a multimillion-dollar fine in Europe

Meta will have to pay a multimillion-dollar fine in Europe

Meta will have to pay a 390 million euro fine in Europe thumbnail

The problems continue for Meta in Europe who will have to pay a huge fine in the near future. In particular, the Data Protection Commission irlandese established one total fine of no less than 390 million euros for Meta due to its activities in Europe. At the basis of the fine there is a violation of the GDPR linked to personalized advertising for users.

Meta will have to pay a big fine in Europe

For Meta there are, in total, two fines in Europe. The first concerns Facebook, for an amount of 210 million euros, while the second is linked to Instagram, for a total amount of 180 million euros. In both cases, it is a violation of the GDPR legislation.

As required by the Irish Data Protection Commission, Meta has 3 months to regularize its position, reforming its services to ensure compliance with the current legislation required by the EU regulation regarding the processing of personal data.

Meta, however, has already announced that it will appeal. In particular, the company intends to appeal both the substance of the sentence and the fines. More updates on the matter will come over the next few weeks.

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