Meta will resume some functions from the BeReal social network in Messenger

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Meta he never hid the will to “resuming” the functions of social networks rivals and carry them in its applications and it is therefore no wonder that also BeReal has ended up in the crosshairs of the company that intends to bring some functions of the photographic social network into Messenger. Facebook’s messaging app is expected to register a new feature soon, called Roll Call. Here are the details about this new feature.

Meta wants to introduce some BeReal functions into its apps: starting with Messenger

The function Roll Call will resume the BeReal function that invites users to post a photo at a random moment of the day. Indeed, in Messenger group chatsit will be possible to start a Roll Call with users who will have 5 minutes to add photos or videos to the threadcreating a real sequence of multimedia content within the chat.

This new feature it is in the experimental stage but it was confirmed by a leak of these hours. Meta intends to continue developing functions inspired by BeReal, thus enriching Messenger and other applications with new tools available to users. We’ll see if and when Roll Call will become part of the stable version of Messenger.

Waiting to understand if Roll Call will be able to become a reference on social networks, Meta wastes no time and begins to draw inspiration from its functions for its apps.

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