Metagiro: il Giro d’Italia fa tappa nel metaverso thumbnail

Metagiro: the Giro d’Italia stops in the metaverse

Il Tour of Italy it doesn’t stop at reality, but goes further with a new digital initiative involving cycling enthusiasts. It’s about Metagiroa hyper-realistic virtual space created in collaboration with LIVEthe leading Italian brand in Web3.

Paolo Bellino, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of RCS Sport: “The digital transformation process of the Giro d’Italia represents a priority for our organization and the Partnership with VVITA is proof of this, together, we will be able to reach new audiences and new digital targets, further increasing the notoriety of the Giro d’Italia Brand and offering our fan base innovative digital tools like the Metagiro.”

What we will find in the Metagiro: the metaverse of the Giro d’Italia

In this futuristic village, accessible from any device, users will be able to explore the thematic areas dedicated to the Corsa Rosa and live immersive experiences related to its history and symbols. Also thanks to VVITA-collectionsit will be possible to collect the digital memorabilia of the Giro d’Italia, created in 3D graphics and certified by the blockchain, and obtain exclusive benefits, such as a subscription to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the physical Maglia Rosa or the pass for the last stage From Rome.

Among the most precious collections there will be the four jerseys signed by the winners of the Girowhich will be the subject of a special drop at the end of the competition.

Metagiro represents an absolute novelty in the panorama of cycling races and represents an innovative and engaging way to celebrate the magic of the Giro d’Italia, not only during the 21 days of the race but throughout the year.


Below are the statements of Achille Minerva and Marco Capria, founders of VVITA:

“The renewed partnership with RCS Sport allows us to take the Giro d’Italia more and more into the future. In this sense, the use of Web3 technologies represents a truly extraordinary way to expand the boundaries of the real experience, enhancing all the heritage of values ​​that have made the Giro an excellence in the world.”

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