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Meta’s AI chatbot will have multiple personalities

Meta chatbot AI will have multiple thumbnail personalities

As we have already reported recently, Meta is working hard on a public version of their AI chatbot LlaMa, to compete with the giants of the sector. After all, OpenAI (with the hand on Microsoft’s shoulder) has ChatGPT (and the related Bing Chat) and Google has launched Bard.

Of course, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t stand idly by, but Meta’s new chatbot may be slightly different from its competitors.

How will Meta’s new AI chatbot have multiple personalities?

According to a recent Financial Times report, the Large Language Model (LMM, as AI-based chatbots are called) by Meta will have multiple personalities. This means that it will be able to simulate the characters of different personalities and even characters that really exist (or existed). Among the “personas” there would be that of Abraham Lincolnthe famous American president, and that of a surfer who gives travel advice.

By the way, if you are interested in chatting with AIs that simulate real historical characters, you can try Character.Ai. We used it to discuss general relativity with Einstein. In any case, returning to Meta, the issue of multiple personalities is not accidental. Zuckerberg’s plans are functional to the much-discussed metaverse of societywhich could thus extend the LLM to avatars.

The purpose? Provide informative and personalized chats. So if you are a surfer, and you want to talk about the topic, you can do it with the avatar of the aforementioned surfer. Avatar which, from a conversational point of view, will be powered by the new Meta chatbot.

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