Meta’s new VR headset will arrive in October

Il nuovo visore VR di Meta ha un nome e un possibile prezzo di lancio thumbnail

New from Mark Zuckerbergwhich has just confirmed that the next Meta VR viewer will be launched ad October. A news released in the latest episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, in which the company’s CEO stated that the device – to be identified with the so-called “Project Cambria” – will likely be launched during the annual Connect event. Ready to enter virtual reality?

Meta: The new VR headset could be presented at the Connect event

“For the next device that will be released in October, there are some important features”, so Mark Zuckerberg anticipates the news of the Meta VR headset. Among these, apparently, there would be some social options enabled by the eye and face tracking, such as the “possibility of now having a kind of eye contact in virtual reality”. And that’s not all. Zuckerberg himself underlines the possibility of “having your face traced by your avatar: it’s not just a motionless thing, but if you smile, if you frown, if you pout or if you take on any other expression, your avatar will translate it. in real time”.

All these statements are perfectly in line with what we know of the “Project Cambria“, a device with one high resolution color screeninternal sensors for eye tracking and a sophisticated one augmented reality passthrough. Apparently, this headset should hit the market under the name of Meta Quest Pro, even if it is not yet a certainty. What we are sure of is that Meta’s new VR headset will go on sale alongside the low-end Meta Quest, even though the company is already planning new generations of both products. In any case, for the next few months the most demanding users will be able to purchase the new viewer starting at $ 399. What happens next will be seen.