Metaverse and security: the risk of biometric authentication

Metaverso e security: il rischio delle autenticazioni biometriche thumbnail

I biometric data expositi are a risk to the cyber securityalso in the metaverso: this is what emerges in the new Trend Micro study. The models details of users in 3D they could also allow cybercriminals to deceive biometric authentications.

Security and metaverse: the risks of biometric authentication.

In the latest research titled “Leaked Today, Exploited for Life: How Social Media Biometric Patterns Affect”, Trend Micro highlights how Biometry can pose a huge risk if it is compromised.

As he explains Marcus Salvatore, Technical Director of Trend Micro Italy, “Some argue that the use of biometrics is a safer and easier alternative to passwords. However, unlike passwords, our personal characteristics cannot be easily changed. As such, a compromise could have a more lasting impact on users and hacking a user’s metaverse profile in the future could be similar to getting full access to a PC today. “

In fact, the Trend Micro study highlights how in the future the profiles in the metaverse could become a source of biometric data. Recreating the characteristics of a person in 3Dit may become possible to steal their data.

In fact, already today information such as face, voice, iris and sometimes even fingerprints models are available in large quantities online. Leveraging audio and video created on social networks, cybercriminals could recreate the data for authentication, as well as create mass deepfakes.

If at the moment fingerprints and face are enough to unlock smartphones and accounts safely, one day it may no longer be the case. Trend Micro therefore wants the world of security to communicate with the developers of the metaverse, to find safer solutions. Read more here.