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Micron, the memories made in the USA banned in China

The Chinese network regulator and censor, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC)ruled that the American Memoir Society Micron poses a threat to national security and announced a ban.

Micron, American memories banned in China

This decision comes after an investigation launched in recent weeks, which evaluated the supply chain of several Chinese companies. And that led to the conclusion that Micron’s products would not be safe enough.

No information on the type of risk posed by Micron’s products. But several commentators (especially in the United States) consider the action a possible retaliation for the sanctions imposed by the West on Chinese realities. China is the third largest market for Micron: represented 10.7% of last year’s turnover.

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China should have no problem replacing Micron’s share with other suppliers, from the local YMTC to Samsung and SK hynix solutions. However, according to the Financial Times, the United States has asked South Korea to not meet Chinese demand with its own companies’ chips in the event of a ban to Micron.

A Micron spokesperson said the following: “We received the CAC’s notification following its review of Micron products sold in China. We are evaluating the conclusions and our next steps. We hope to continue engaging in discussions with the Chinese authorities.” But the US government denounces the “distortions of the memory market caused by China’s actions”.

A new page in the trade conflict between the US and China, with the sound of bans.

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