Microsoft 365 services went offline this morning

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For a couple of hours during the morning the main ones Microsoft services were down: Bing, Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Microsoft 365 e Azure. The issue appears to be being fixed, although as of this writing, Microsoft 365 is still recovering, while Bing and Azure are back up and running.

Microsoft: down of services

Those who browse using Bing instead of Google Search had to find a workaround this morning. And the same goes for tons of users who use it Teams, Outlook, OneDrive e Microsoft 365, as well as for the cloud services of Azure for companies.

The problem did not seem widespread, but the reports on Downdetector have multiplied during the last few hours, especially between 8.30 and 10. Microsoft immediately wrote on Twitter that “We are investigating issues impacting multiple Microsoft 365 services. More information is available in the admin interface in MO502273“. The solution arrived within a couple of hours.

microsoft 365 new apps min

Indeed, the company has tweeted “We have isolated the network configuration issue and are investigating it best mitigation strategy to fix it without causing an additional impact.”

At the moment the situation seems to have returned as far as Bing is concerned. However, the status rating site reports that you may encounter problems with Microsoft 365 apps. While we were writing the article, Microsoft fixed the problem for Azure, suggesting that Microsoft 365 could soon be operational as well.

Reports on Downdetector are decreasing, a sign that in the afternoon everything could be operational again. We will keep you updated if not.