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Microsoft allows you to change the personality of Bing Chat

Microsoft brings a new important novelty for Bing Chat: you can in fact obtain different tones for the answers by changing the chatbot personality. In fact, before starting to talk to the chatbot, you can choose three versions of artificial intelligence: creative, balanced and precise. Creative mode includes answers “original and imaginative”while the precise mode points more the accuracy and relevance, with direct and concrete answers.

Bing Chat, Microsoft now allows you to change personalities

In recent weeks, there have been several complaints about AI-based OpenAI which Microsoft introduced in the new version of Bing. There have been some users who have tested it reporting that it was too touchy and that, in one case, it is even “in love” with a user. In other cases, the answers were even more disturbing: the chatbot has come to threaten a programmer which had revealed some parts of the bot’s code.

Microsoft explained that the main problem is that in conversations that are too long, the chatbot gets confused. This is why the Redmond company has decided to limit the number of consecutive responses, to avoid embarrassing figures. And now she’s aimed at another change.

What character do you want in your artificial intelligence?

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Microsoft defaults Bing chatbot to “personality” Balanced, which should demonstrate a balance between accuracy and creativity. But you can choose one more version creative to converse and ask to create more complex texts, while the variant It needs should give more concise and direct answers.

We have verified, however, that two things remain invariant in all personalities set by Microsoft: Bing Chat uses too many emojis and can’t tell jokes. And occasionally it uses rather old data: we’ve tried asking which are the best smartphones out there and there’s no product released in 2023 – it doesn’t matter which personality we choose.

In addition, Microsoft explained that it had fixed some of the problems related to the limitations it had put in place in the past few days, which they had caused a general slowdown of the system. Now Bing seems more responsive, although the responses from the “classic” browser are even faster: processing times are more than manageable.

Are we getting close to a definitive version?

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After the debut on iOS and Android, with the new update Bing Chat also arrives in the Windows 11 taskbar, integrating with the search features of the Microsoft operating system. With over a million people testing the bot in over 169 nationalities, perhaps Microsoft is getting closer to the official launch of the chatbot. Which still has several limitations and problems, but with such an extensive test it could improve in a short time.

Having said that, implementations in everyday life will come with time: Microsoft has designed this tool above all to improve searches and to write code more easily, but there are so many possibilities that are still unexplored. Which perhaps could lead to new changes to the chatbot – we will keep you updated.

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