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Microsoft announces its Surface and Windows AI event: what we expect

Microsoft announced its digital event, focused on Surface, Windows e Copilotwhich will be held on March 21st: we expect to see the new devices Surface Pro 10 e Surface Laptop 6. Which seems to have several interesting new features. Additionally, Microsoft will announce what’s new AI coming to Windows 11.

Microsoft ready to announce Surface Pro 10 and AI news

Among the innovations that we expect to see at the event on March 21st, there are Surface Pro 10 e Surface Laptop 6. As The Verge reports, we will most likely see only small improvements in specifications.

It seems that the Surface Pro 10 will have a rather similar design to the past. But, in particular, it should offer a display OLED. Although it seems that this innovation may only arrive this spring.

On the other hand, the Surface Laptop 6 is expected to debut with thinner bezels, rounded corners and the inclusion of a tactile touchpad. Furthermore, the device will be equipped with two USB-C ports and one USB-Aoffering greater versatility than past versions.

The most interesting new development could be the introduction of models based on Intel Core Ultra e Snapdragon X Elite, with releases expected in April and June respectively. Even Surface Pro 10, according to what Digital Trends reports, could have its own ARM version. A potentially interesting move, especially since Qualcomm promises that Snapdragon X Elite it will have 21% higher performance than even Apple’s M3 chip.

AI news coming to Windows

In addition to the hardware news, Microsoft will also announce several software news — in particular, regarding artificial intelligence. One should arrive new AI Explorer experience for Windows 11, which according to Windows Central will allow you to catalog every activity carried out on your PC. The user will be able to navigate between files and actions using the natural language.

Furthermore, we can expect different significant innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence: Copilot will continue to play an important role in Microsoft’s strategy, which could showcase new and more advanced integrations in what it once called the “Office package.”

microsoft copilot keyboard key laptop windows min

The company might even surprise us by announcing Windows 12, a new version of its operating system. But it could, instead, not change the name and simply update the system. In any case, we expect several interesting news.

The event on March 21st will certainly be interesting for anyone with a PC: we will keep you informed.

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