Microsoft announces the arrival of DirectStorage API on Windows PCs

Microsoft annuncia l'arrivo di DirectStorage API su PC Windows thumbnail

Microsoft has announced the arrival of DirectStorage API on Windows 11 PCs. The new feature was introduced last year for Xbox Series X and Series S with the aim of significantly improving in-game performance by reducing loading times. This is a really important change that will ensure a substantial reduction in loading times for PC games over the near future. Here are the details:

DirectStorage API arrives on Windows 11 for faster loading in PC games

Microsoft has confirmed the availability starting today of DirectStorage which will be available to games for Windows 11. With the release of the public SDK, Microsoft points out in his official blog posta “new era of fast loading times “ for the world of PC gaming. Developers will be able to take full advantage of the new API to maximize the performance of titles by cutting loading times thanks to the possibility of transferring a large amount of data from the internal memory to the GPU.

The requirements

To use this feature, which will have to be integrated by the developers in the various games, the users will have to have available an NVMe 4.0 SSD memory (and therefore a motherboard compatible with this standard). According to preliminary information, the first games that will introduce full DirectStorage API support should arrive in the next few months. More details on the matter will come shortly.