Microsoft Copilot is exiting the preview phase. It is available globally

Microsoft Copilot esce dalla fase di anteprima. È disponibile a livello globale thumbnail

When a few days ago in an article we had commented on the turbulent days in which Sam Altman was first dismissed and then reinstated at OpenAI. And we were saying that in the meantime the other large companies in the sector were certainly not left to watch.

Anthropic launched the powerful chatbot Claude 2.1, Elon Musk made its Grok software available to Premium+ users of made it known that Google Bard will provide information on YouTube videos.

Added to the list is Microsoft, which has made Copilot available globally in its stable version.

Microsoft Copilot available in its stable version

Forget about Bing Chat. Since mid-November, Microsoft’s chatbot has been called Copilot, and the company has made an important announcement.

The software has left the preview phase and will be available globally in its stable version, in 169 countries and 105 languages.

The official release of Microsoft Copilot in the world has implications that are not small from a legal point of view. Because thanks to the Customer Copyright Commitment, the company is committed to defending customers who are sued for copyright infringement. And to pay the amounts of any sentences.

The note on the official blog

It is a passage from the note that appeared on the official Microsoft blog that reiterates the concept.

“With Copilot now generally available, organizations and users can feel even more confident in adopting it as part of their daily workflows.

Copilot with Commercial Data Protection is now supported by the Universal Commercial License Terms for Online Services to align with other commercial online services. These terms include Microsoft’s Customer Copyright Commitment (CCC), which allows customers to enjoy Microsoft’s Copilot services without worrying about copyright claims.”

Microsoft Copilot in Italia

Il release of Microsoft Copilot in Italy it was announced in a press release published on Thursday 23 November on the blog of the Redmond-based company.

But access was reserved for companies that had subscribed to the Enterprise E3 and E5 plans.

This is what Microsoft Italy CEO Vincenzo Esposito said when announcing the news: “Generative AI can generate unprecedented opportunities and benefits and we are convinced that it will be able to significantly contribute to improving the world in which we live and work, helping us to achieve previously unthinkable goals.

Like Microsoft, we stand with organizations to guide them through this technological revolution and help them embrace change.

We are already working, in collaboration with our ecosystem of partners in the area, with numerous companies in Italy, supporting them in the identification of strategic innovation scenarios, supporting them in their rapid implementation and guaranteeing training so that they can have the skills necessary for use effective, safe and responsible generative AI.”

Microsoft Copilot e GPT-4 Turbo

Copilot combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with business data and Microsoft 365 apps.

As we told you in another article, Microsoft has announced that GTP-4 Turbo will soon be integrated into Copilotthe most advanced software from OpenAI, presented by Sam Altman and his staff on the occasion of DevDay last November 6th.

The implementation will eliminate the current 5000 character limit imposed on Copilot for information requests.

GPT-4 Turbo in fact operates in “a 128K context”, i.e. on the maximum length of 128,000 tokens. A token is the weight of a word, but also of a space or a punctuation mark.

Concretely, OpenAI explained, GPT-4 Turbo will be able to “contain the equivalent of more than 300 pages of text in a single prompt.”

The challenge between OpenAI and Anthropic

OpenAI’s strongest competitor currently is undoubtedly Anthropic.

Suffice it to say that its latest version of the chatbot, the aforementioned Claude 2.1, works on a context window of 200,000 tokens, therefore almost double that of the already very advanced GPT-4 Turbo.

With a single command, Claude 2.1 can assimilate texts of approximately 150,000 words, or 500 pages. The Odyssey, so to speak.

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