Microsoft potrebbe investire ancora in OpenAI, questa volta con 10 miliardi di dollari thumbnail

Microsoft could invest again in OpenAI, this time with 10 billion dollars

In 2019 Microsoft had invested $1 billion in OpenAIbut now could get to invest well 10 billion.

Microsoft and OpenAI, a stellar investment

That relations between Microsoft and OpenAI were good is certainly no mystery and not long ago we revealed the IT giant’s intentions to use ChatGPTAI developed by OpenAI, in the new version of Bing.

However, it seems that now Microsoft is ready to invest 10 billion dollars in the company that develops artificial intelligence, but it is not yet clear whether the agreement has already been made or not.

The rumors, launched by Traffic lightswould see Microsoft ready to invest a gigantic sum after the initial investment of $1 billion in 2019.

With an investment of 10 billion dollars, however, the multinational would acquire the 49% of the company, thus marking Microsoft’s launch into the artificial intelligence market. Furthermore, according to a particular clause, it would receive the 75% of OpenAI profits until the total amount of the investment is returned.

We owe the reason why Microsoft embarked on this adventure to OpenAI itself. In fact, the company would have put 98% of its shares up for sale, retaining only 2%. The proceeds, equal to 29 billion dollarswould see the shares distributed as follows: 2% to OpenAI, 49% to Microsoft and the remaining 49% to other investors.

In any case, there is still no confirmed news, as neither Microsoft nor OpenAI have commented on the matter.


ChatGPT is a software developed by OpenAI capable of replicating human responses. This particular artificial intelligence, however perfect, has entered the sights of Microsoft who would like to integrate it into the new version of Bing.

Some rumors, however, speak of its extension to the package as well Officeespecially in theemail application.

Although it is still to be perfected, the intentions of the multinational CHATGPT should make Bing the perfect and formidable competitor of Google.

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