Microsoft Designer diventa il vostro grafico e Social Media Manager AI thumbnail

Microsoft Designer becomes your Graphic and Social Media Manager AI

From now Microsoft Designer, thanks to the integrations with AI, is able to become a real graphic designer (as well as social media manager) for your social content. The app, launched in 2022 and part of the Microsoft 365 family, has in fact received integration with DALL-E, OpenAI’s generative art artificial intelligence, and ChatGPT.

From today, therefore, Microsoft Designer is able to take advantage of DALL-E 2 for create real graphic projects for the most diverse purposes, including the creation of posts for Instagram. All starting from a short text command, just like ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing Chat. Not only that, Designer is also capable of select hashtags and write relevant captions for your social media posts. No more random Bukowski phrases!

Designer is also capable of creating projects suitable for the reference social networks, setting the correct dimensions according to the type of post/platform that interests the user.

Microsoft Designer AI is integrated with Edge

Most surprising of all, Microsoft Designer, with AI integration, is available directly from the Microsoft Edge browser. This means you can access the app by clicking the Designer icon in Edge’s sidebar, without having to leave the page you’re on, switch windows, or download an extension.

Non-Edge users can visit Designer’s website to try the updated version of the app for free in preview and be the first to access additional features such as Fill, Expand Background, Erase and Replace Background.

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