Microsoft Excel Announcement: Features will be removed

Annuncio su Microsoft Excel: verranno rimosse funzionalità

An announcement on Microsoft Excel, a well-known tool for data analysis, arrives from the tech giant of Redmond. Some features will be removed

The package Microsoft Office is one of the most used application suites in the world and is often under our attention. The Redmond-based industry-leading multinational recently carried out a ad in Microsoft Excel. The company said three products available for the well-known data visualization and analysis program will be phased out due to their low usage.

Clearly the American giant does not declare this directly! Microsoft states that Moneythe type of data Wolfram and others partner applications they are not among the areas with the greatest impact of use. Microsoft declares that the service Money per Excel will be discontinued on June 30th and no new updates will be released.

We learned a lot from the service Money per Excel. We appreciate the multiplicity of needs people have for their families and the management of their money. However, we believe there are other areas where we can have a greater impact and will focus on future ones

L’ad in Microsoft Excel also concerns partner offers and the types of data Wolframfor which the multinational points out that the withdrawal dates are June 30 and June 11, respectively.

Microsoft Excel Announcement: Features will be removed

Reduced use functionality

L’ad in Microsoft Excel seeks to focus primarily on the attention of subscribers to the application suite Microsoft Office. The company declares that the goal is to strive to bring ever-increasing added value.

We are committed to bringing a constant added value to our subscribers. By learning from this program and from our partners, we are looking for new ways to deliver this value. We believe there are other areas where we can do this and we will focus on those in the future.

Also on the front Wolfram, an American company specializing in computational computing, the Redmond company declares that the partnership with the multinational specialized in data computing will not be renewed. Despite offering a particularly innovative service, bringing a high degree of modernization to Excelthis is not particularly used by regular users of the calculation software.

As part of our journey towards the innovation and modernization of Excelwe have entered into a unique partnership with Wolfram to expand our set of interconnected data types made available. The goal is create premium templates using their extensive knowledge in the industry. However, we are simply choosing not to renew this partnership for this particular range of data. Instead, we will focus our efforts on other innovations such as the use of data types to connect to personal information and the ways in which developers can organize the types of data connected to their service.

And what do you think ofad in Microsoft Excel? Did you use these offered products for your calculation software? Let us know with a comment and keep following to stay updated!

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