KillNet foresees new attacks: Italy is easy prey

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The pro-Russian cybercriminal group declares that Italy is easy prey. Massive attack scheduled for May 30, poor results

KillNet recently stated on social media that theItaly is easy prey and the attack scheduled for May 30, 2022 was to be thedefinitive attack. The ad was about a irreparable blow to the Bel Paese and its IT structures, and it wouldn’t even have been the first. L’National Cybersecurity Agency it had also issued an alert, however no particular critical issues were observed. The website of the Ministry of Defence and the site of the State Policebut the pro-Russian hacker group did not cause any particular damage to our IT facilities. Only one attack seems to have landed. In fact, Poste Italiane has detected a technical problem with the network. This time the plan of KillNet he did not score, despite declaring that Italy is easy prey. From chats and Telegram channels, we begin to better understand the strategies of cyber criminals.

Cyber ​​criminals or activists?

The message published in the Telegram channels by the pro-Russian hacker collective is just from the last few hours. The message is about this mass operation:

Italian media propaganda works as badly as Italian howitzers in Ukraine. L’Italy is easy preyit’s easier for us manipulate your mood than with Romania. How much money did you spend on protection while you were waiting for May 30th at 5am? Poor Italians, how do you live below such pressure of lies?

It would therefore seem to be faced with activistsand not in front of experienced cyber criminals, who at best have a certain familiarity with DDoS attacks. They don’t want to deal an irreparable blow to Italy and they probably aren’t even able to do it, they just want to raise a fuss to cause confusion. Along the lines of this strategy, just in the last few hours KillNet announced a new attack on Italy, spreading a list of targets that includes everyone the main banking institutions of the country.

KillNet foresees new attacks: Italy is easy prey

KillNet predicts new attacks – new statements

KillNet it preys on new attacks and its announcements within public Telegram groups, an element that directs the action towards propaganda. Although the main language in which the activist group exchanges messages is Russian, in recent days they have also arrived several messages in Italian. The recipients are the technicians of the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)the group of specialists that monitors cyber attacks nationwide for theNational Cybersecurity Agency. With an Italian of difficult understanding, the group KillNet writes:

Excellent specialists they work in this organization. I have carried out thousands of attacks on such organizations, even Cyberpol does not have such a system to filter millions of requests. At the moment I see that these guys are good professionals! Fake Italian government, I advise you to raise the salary of this team by several thousand dollars. CSIRT Accept my respects gentlemen!

What do you think of it? Is it just propaganda or has the group not yet shown its true potential? Really theItaly is easy prey how do they declare? Let us know yours in the comments and keep following for updates.

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