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Microsoft expects Windows updates every three years

Interesting news from Windows per Microsoft, its most popular operating system in the world. As reported by Windows Central, in fact, the company would be willing to release an update every three years, thus offering users minor but constant changes over time. But let’s try to understand what the tech giant’s plans will really be for the next few years.

Windows: Microsoft plans to roll out an update every three years

These days Windows Central has provided us with interesting news on Microsoft Windows, which seems to receive updates every three years. If so, this would mean that we should expect one new version of Windows in 2024, as Windows 11 was released last year. On the other hand, it must be considered that the idea of ​​releasing an update every three years is not too far from what the company has proposed so far. Retracing the history of software, in fact, we can see that Windows Vista was released in 2006, and then replaced by Windows 7 in 2009 – that is exactly three years later -.

And then, to continue, Windows 8 e Windows 10 they arrived respectively in 2012 and 2015 – three years apart, so to speak -. Therefore, the idea of ​​receiving an update on a constant basis is not so new. What appears to be, however, is the idea that Microsoft will continue to improve the current version of Windows, adding new features – dubbed “Moments” – once a quarter. Something similar, in fact, has already been seen with Windows 11, which has followed a constant evolution throughout the past year. The idea is to optimize the software from time to time, without releasing a single update that may not meet the desired consensus.

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