Microsoft hires former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and co-founder Greg Brockman

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Microsoft is preparing to welcome the former CEO of OpenAI to its team, Sam Altmantogether with the co-founder Greg Brockmanto lead the new group of the company’s advanced artificial intelligence research. After a series of negotiations, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadellaannounced that Altman will be CEO of this new group.

Microsoft hires former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

Altman was recently fired as CEO by OpenAI after a period of uncertainty on the organisation’s board, which lost confidence in his leadership ability. However, Nadella enthusiastically welcomed his collaborationunderlining the desire to provide the resources necessary for the success of this new research team.

In response to the news, Altman confirmed his joining Microsoft through a post su X (formerly Twitter), declaring that “the mission continues“. Microsoft generally awards the title of CEO only to leaders of separate or large businesses within the company. So, the arrival of Altman with the title of CEO for this new research team indicates a possible expansion of Microsoft’s plans in the field of artificial intelligence, as The Verge points out.

Altman’s arrival at Microsoft follows a series of unsuccessful negotiations with OpenAI’s board over his return as CEO. Following the board’s refusal to resign, Altman revealed plans to start a separate startup focused on developing AI chips called Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) to compete with Nvidia, also affecting Microsoft.

OpenAI talents at Microsoft

Microsoft’s new team will also include key talent from OpenAI. OpenAI’s director of research, Jakub Pachockiwill join the Microsoft team in a leadership position alongside Szymon Sidor e Alexander Madrytwo other leading researchers from OpenAI.

This new advanced artificial intelligence research team at Microsoft, led by Altman and Brockman, it is a sign of the company’s commitment to the field of AI. A strategic move to develop and implement innovative technologies in its Azure data centers.

But the fact remains that Microsoft continues its own multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI, as well as remaining the association’s cloud partner. However, it seems impossible not to think that Microsoft has taken the opportunity to develop more AI solutions in house. It remains to be seen whether this will really be the case.

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