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Microsoft outlines today’s challenges and priorities for Italian companies

Microsoftin the frame of MADE IN DIGItaly al Superstudio Maxi in Milanlaunched a wish to Italian companies: digital perseverance.

What is MADE IN DIGItaly

MADE IN DIGItaly is an event that saw the participation of 1500 entrepreneurs, managers and professionals in a discussion on the current challenges and digital opportunities.

Microsoft participated by promoting the digital transformation and the country’s sustainable competitivenesssupport which he confirmed with an investment plan in technologies and training with an evocative name: “Italy ambition“, which has now reached 2.5 million people.

In particular, Microsoft has promoted its Cloud services for companies, which represent a carbon-neutral alternative with 93% more efficiency than services based on private datacenters, as well as being designed in an eco-sustainable manner and with a view to circular economy.

“Economic uncertainty, energy crisis, supply chain discontinuity, transformation of the world of work, social issues such as safety and sustainability: never before have organizations found themselves having to face epochal challenges. Digital – Cloud Computing in particular – can be a driver of sustainable growth to help Italian companies manage complexity. he has declared Silvia Candiani, CEO of Microsoft Italy.

What to focus on in the present for the future

“Two elements to focus on: technology and human capital. First of all, Microsoft is committed to supporting organizations of any size and sector with infrastructure investments such as the developing Italian Data Center region, also designed in a logic of energy efficiency and with the aim of making cloud services capable of to accelerate sustainable competitiveness” continued la Candians.

“It is a growing market – +18% in Italy in 2022 according to the Milan Polytechnic and an estimated +21% increase globally in 2023 according to Gartner – an exceptional booster for the economy and a deflationary force on which invest. Another focus on which Microsoft concentrates is training, to contribute to the development of skills useful for seizing these opportunities.

In fact, the lack of skills risks being a brake on the country’s competitiveness: together with The European House – Ambrosetti we have estimated that by 2026 the labor market will need around 2.1 million professionals with basic digital skills. With Ambizione Italia we are gearing up to help reduce this gap”.


Microsoft explains at MADE IN DIGItaly how to face today’s challenges

Alec Ross (New York Times Best selling Author) world expert on geopolitics, markets and innovation, he contributed to the recent Next Generation DIGItaly study in collaboration with Microsoft and The European House – Ambrosetti.

The research was very important to understand, together with Microsoft, how to face the challenges of the present: economic uncertainty, transformation of the world of work and social issues.

Microsoft’s invitation, in this regard, is threefold, with what we could almost define as a new mantra: “Do more with less. Put your people first. Trust your Cloud”.

Incertezza economica – Do more with less

Microsoft thought to face the period of economic uncertainty with the new one Microsoft Supply Chain Platforma platform designed for supply chain resilience in the current scenario.

The platform is designed to put the best AI technologies at the service of companies, and at its core is the Microsoft Supply Chain Centera command center aimed at offering greater visibility and control over the supply chain.

In practice, with digital you can do more, with less: “Do more with less“.

The cloud for transforming the world of work – Put your people first

Hybrid work, born from the transformation of the world of work towards digital, requires new approaches. The new Microsoft Work Trend Index brought to light a formal disagreement between employees and managers. The former believe that with hybrid work they have become more productive (87%), the latter are concerned about not being able to control employee productivity (85%).

At MADE IN DIGItaly Microsoft had its say: there is no single vision for hybrid work, but it is still important to put people at the centre: “Put your people first“.

Thanks to human-centric solutions such as Microsoft Vivait is possible to think of hybrid work for the benefit of all, as digital can lead to the so-called Great Resignationhelping companies motivate and retain talent.

Security and sustainability – Trust your Cloud

The role of IT and hi-tech companies is crucial in terms of environmental, ethical and safety awareness issues. In this regard, the new Microsoft Digital Defence Report analyzes the evolution of today’s digital threats and offers guidance to improve security.

On the sustainability front, businesses can grow while respecting the environment thanks to Microsoft Cloud for Sustainabilityhelping companies measure, understand and control their carbon emissions.

The theme of sustainability is also central when it comes to human capital, as emerges from a new research by Microsoft-BCG: “Closing the Sistainability Skills Gap“. Basically they are needed today more than ever advanced digital skills such as analysis and data science, but also skills in sustainability and environmental sciences.

How Italian companies face the challenges of the present

MADE IN DIGItaly was also an opportunity for discussion with important Italian realities.

The dialogue involved Matthew MilleChief Marketing & Operations Officer di Microsoft Italia, Nicholas ProcaccioItaly Country Lead & EMEA Territory Marketing Manager di Intel, Framework BarioniCEO, Reale Ites Italy, Ilaria CatastiniHead of Group Sustainability, Maire Tecnimont, Christian AgostiniPrada Group CIO, Claudio FarinaExecutive Vice President Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability di Snam.


Prada Group, Maire Tecnimont

The testimony of Prada group has highlighted how the use of data and new processing capacities is one strategic lever for Made in Italyin addition to enhancement of human capital.

It was interesting to observe the development project of a Data Lake on the Microsoft Azure cloud platformwhich has associated the solid culture of the Group with the new potential made available by the processing capabilities of the platform and its algorithms.

The experience of Mayor Tecnimont is referable to corporate sustainability goals. In line with its action plan towards the carbon neutralitythe engineering company is devoting enormous attention to the measurement of CO2 emission sources and has chosen to adopt Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

The Cloud offers an integrated response to environmental data management, automating manual processes, breaking down information silos and allowing organizations to record, report and reduce emissions more efficiently.

Reale Group and Snam

The contribution of Reale ITESpart of Royal Groupwas twofold and emphasized both the importance of the Cloud to enable agility e simplified access to data, both the value of the Cloud as planning boosters that can integrate a plurality of players for the growth of the country.

Reale Group has chosen the platform Microsoft Azure for the innovation of its IT infrastructure, leveraging on modernization of your Datacenter with the purpose of to accelerate the path of digital transformation and to always be able to respond to customer expectations.

Furthermore, the Group has launched, in collaboration with Microsofta multi-year plan of development of innovative platforms and ecosystemsper promote the competitiveness of the Italian socio-economic fabric.

The experience of Snamone of the leading energy infrastructure companies in the world, illustrates the value of Cloud Computing at 360° to meet today’s challenges in terms of efficiency and to enable the sustainable growth: technology, strategy and sustainability merge into a single whole.

Snam has introduced on the Cloud platform Azure hundreds of virtual machines in a few months and without service interruptions, thus making resources more efficient and fully embracing Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud idea.

Thanks for the solution AzurenVMware Service it was possible to migrate workflows and data from on-premise to the cloud.

The other partners at Superstudio Maxi in Milan for MADE IN DIGItaly

There were also other interesting testimonies during the plenary dedicated to the innovation of SMEs con Giacomo FrizzarinDirector of the Small, Medium and Corporate Division of Microsoft Italy, with some client and partner companies such as Certainly, QubicaAMF, Intel, Nexi, UniCredit e Vodafone, in addition to the 35 speeches who animated the Superstudio Maxi in Milan.

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