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Microsoft says goodbye to Internet Explorer

The Chronicle of the Death of Internet Explorer has been announced for some time, because Microsoft is carrying out the process in stages: but the farewell this time becomes final for many PCs. The Redmond tech giant will release an Edge update that will disable Internet Explorer (IE) in some versions of Windows 10.

Microsoft announces goodbye to Internet Explorer

Microsoft had already announced that it would release this update in December 2022 – we knew that the end of IE was near. While the company said a Windows update would be needed, an update to the shiny new Edge browser would do away with its ancestor.

This Microsoft Edge update will be coming to all devices, both consumer and commercial, and there will be no way to undo this change. After upgrading, users will see “The future of Internet Explorer is in Microsoft Edge”. Whenever they try to start a service they use Internet Explorer for first, they will automatically be directed to Edge. The browser will also migrate the data automatically.

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Those who have already migrated to Edge, the Chromium-based browser, will not have to undergo any configuration changes. Those who have not yet done so, despite numerous warnings, could risk seeing an interruption of operations. We are mainly talking about companies that have preferred delay upgrading to still use old programs.

From today the redirection to the new browser will start. But some visual references to IE such as system tray icons will continue to exist for the next few months. The browser officially leaves us today, but the graphics will disappear altogether June 13, 2023 through an update of the “B” version of Windows Security.

It took a long time, but Internet Explorer finally gave way to other browsers.

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