Microsoft shows the new Microsoft 365 app

Microsoft 365, nuova app in arrivo il mese prossimo thumbnail

After announcing the new app Microsoft 365 at the event Ignite 2022the Redmond company wanted to show in a video the functionality the application that will replace Office. And it seems to have several cool features, especially for collaboration.

Microsoft 365, first look at the features of the new app

The video as you see shows an app that seems an evolution of what has been seen on Office in recent years. In fact we find recent files and templates for documents to create. But all the models of the old “Office package” are together: you can start an Excel spreadsheet with the same app with which to create PowerPoint presentations and Word sheets.

At the same time, you will also find the icons of the various Microsoft apps to start a new document in a more standard way. But in the same screen you will also find third-party applications and even business apps specific to your workplace.

Collaboration also appears to be supported by the ability to search for files shared by specific people on your team. And you can even follow the updates of people you followto find the latest document they shared or made public in the company.

The board Feed it seems designed to manage meetings and understand how the rest of your team is working, with the possibility of quick access to maximize your productivity.

The application should arrive in the “next few months” according to Microsoft. But the mobile version already bears the name “Microsoft 365“. At the moment we don’t know when and the app for Windows they will change their name and icon. But we already know that they will have several new features.

What do you think about it? Did the video interest you, or do you already hear our Office news? Let us know in the comments.