Microsoft under attack, the fault of Lapsus $ hackers

Microsoft sotto attacco, colpa degli hacker di Lapsus$ thumbnail

Also Microsoft would have ended up in the crosshairs of hackers of Lapsus $who would have carried out an attack by subtracting the code of the Bing search engine and Cortana voice assistant. Microsoft is investigating what happened.

Microsoft under attack by hackers Lapsus $

After taking aim Nvidia, Samsung and Vodafonehackers of Lapsus $ they would hit another tech giant: Microsoft. In fact in the Telegram channel of the hackers would have arrived an alleged screenshot of the source code of some Redmond projects.

The screen shows the software Azure DevOps, which allows developers to collaborate even remotely on certain projects. In the screenshot you can read references to Bing_UX e Bing-Source, which should recall the search engine developed by Remond. In addition there is also talk of Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant. Furthermore there are references to repositories named “mscomdev“, “microsoft” e “msblox“.

The screen published on the Telegram channel

Shortly after publication, a channel administrator removed the screen. However, he has made an appointment for a subsequent publication, which has not yet taken place at the moment.

Contacted by Motherboard reporters, Microsoft simply said it was aware of the claim on Telegram and is investigating whether the hackers actually accessed Microsoft’s source code.

Hackers of Lapsus $ they are the same ones who stole a terabyte of data from Nvidia, 190GB from Samsung and 200GB from Vodafone. It is currently unclear whether or not they got the data of another excellent victim. The situation is evolving, we will keep you updated.