Microsoft will add ChatGPT to Azure

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Microsoft announces that he will add ChatGPT to the cloud service Azureshowing once again how much the Redmond company believes in OpenAI. The AI ​​tool is expected to arrive “soon” on the cloud Azure OpenAI Service.

Microsoft will bring ChatGPT to Azure

Microsoft has already shown in the past that it believes – with a billion dollars – in OpenAI and even seems ready to invest another ten billion in the company. The fruit of the collaboration between the two companies can already be seen in Azure OpenAI Servicethat Microsoft launched in 2021. A platform that allows access to various OpenAI tools, including the language GPT-3.5 on which ChatGPT is based.

Since November, ChatGPT has also aroused the interest of the public of “non-experts”, collecting one million users in just one week. The imitation of human language used by artificial intelligence made us think of the enormous potential of this tool. But also the impact on the future work of writers, for example.

The organization behind this technology, co-founded by Elon Musk and the investor Sam Altman, sells its AI to developers to make money. And it’s already reinvesting in a new version, GPT-4.

However, for now Altman himself warns that ChatGPT’s machine learning is still learning: for the moment, it is not advisable to place absolute trust in the AI. That however, also seen the number of users who use it “train” for free, it will improve fast.

Microsoft seems intent on using OpenAI’s tools not only to help programmers develop code faster. In fact, he wants to include OpenAI technologies in the search on Bingin the applications Officein the chats of Teams and also in the ssecurity software.