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Microsoft will allow companies to create customized versions of ChatGPT

Public release at ChatGPTthe artificial intelligence of OpenAIwas very successful among the public. Microsoft he grasped the functionality of the chatbot and decided to invest a significant amount of money. Now the giant plans to release the software that allows ChatGPT to work at large companies, schools and governments so they can build their own chatbot. For example, it could be used by call centers.

ChatGPT at the service of companies

Microsoft would like to allow companies, governments and schools to create customized versions of ChatGPT. Another novelty from Microsoft is the will of Froterate your Bing search engine and your Edge Internet browser with a technology similar to that of ChatGPT. The chatbot, however, is not particularly cheap at the moment and serving 100 million people in chat could be a considerable expense.

In addition, Microsoft also wants to offer customers ways to upload the data they need and to fine-tune the chatbot’s voice to their liking. The company wants to allow some sort of customization of artificial intelligence.

Google Bard, the rival of ChatGPT

Bard is the artificial intelligence created by Google and, in an early stage of development, will only be available for some trusted testers who will have the task of testing it. Those who will be able to test it are a group of geographically diversified people and external to the company. The goal is to get it to the general public in the coming weeks.

What is it for? As with ChatGPT, Bard is in charge of generate detailed answers to simple questions to which users will submit it, such as how to make a certain thing, whatever it is.

Artificial intelligence will own the LaMDA language model, created by Google itself. This powerful language-based technology can be used by the company’s developers to create their own applications.

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