Microsoft working on Surface Duo 3 with foldable display

Microsoft al lavoro su Surface Duo 3 con display pieghevole thumbnail

Il Surface Duo 3 Of Microsoft change design: no longer two folding screens, but just one like the foldables of the line Galaxy on Samsung.

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Surface Duo 3, the first foldable from Microsoft

The indiscretion, launched by Windows CentralMicrosoft would like to be ready to make Surface Duo 3 aesthetically much more similar to the foldables of Samsung or Honor.

However, the decision would come as a bolt from the blue: the design of the new Duo 3 was practically finalized, ready for production and launch by the end of 2023. The device would have been aesthetically narrower and taller than its predecessor, with some improvements and integrated wireless charging.

A clean slate, therefore, with the team now focused on creating Microsoft’s first single-screen foldable.

Having changed everything, it is now clear how the multinational should reschedule the exit of the device, which could also change its name at this point. It’s also unclear what the new features and hardware and software will be.

Some have even speculated on a foldable with 360-degree hinges, but according to sources consulted by Windows Central, it is more likely that Microsoft’s foldable has a 180-degree rotation. As for the software, Windows Central always says that Microsoft is working on something revolutionary, to offer the best and be a convincing competitor.

At the moment the software has the name “Perfect Together” and should combine the best of Microsoft’s Android ecosystem and Windows PCs.

Wanting to paraphrase everything, it would create a connection similar to the one that already exists between iPhone e Mac.

We just have to wait for new rumors or official statements from the company.