Midjourney smette di essere gratis: immagini Ai solo a pagamento thumbnail

Midjourney stops being free: Ai images for subscribers only

Midjourney stops being free: Ai images paid only thumbnail

Credit: Midjourey via Twitter

After the success of the photos of the Pope dressed as a trapper and Donald Trump in handcuffs, Midjourney will no longer allow users to generate Ai images for free. The popular app that uses artificial intelligence to create realistic illustrations and photos has announced a mandatory subscription plan following excessive user demand.

Not only, CEO David Holz he made it known on Discord that the “abuse” would also be the basis of the decision. The reference is probably to the frenzied use of the app to generate images which, if not revealed as fictitious, can converge into the creation of fake news.

Midjourney: goodbye to free Ai photos, it will cost $10 a month

To use Midjourney you will need to subscribe to a $10 monthly subscription. The app has met with incredible success after the aforementioned photos of the Pope and Trump, to the point that user demand on the platform has skyrocketed. However, more users also means longer waiting times and more complex personal data management. This is a theme that is strongly at the center of the debate after the blocking of ChatGPT in Italy.

Midjourney has publicly admitted that it has encountered problems defining its content policies. Holz said he was confident for the future of AI, stating that he hoped for an improvement in the moderation of content, filtering out potentially dangerous ones. Midjourney has also had quite a few problems in China, due to the fake images of Xi Jinpinggeneral secretary of the Communist Party of China.

Fake Ai images: Chris Rock’s view at the 2022 Oscars

In the meantime, the latest Midjourney creations that are making the rounds on the web concern the fake images of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, a few moments before Will Smith’s famous slap. Ai photos show Rock’s point of view.

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