Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2021: le finali del PG Nationals di Rainbow Six Siege tornano in presenza thumbnail

Milan Games Week2021: Rainbow Six Siege, le finali in presenza

Finally, after a long, long time, the finals of Rainbow Six Siege’s PG Nationals are back in attendance: giving competitive gaming fans that thrill that only a live main event can give. Choirs, tension, joy and suffering, in one word: cheering.

This will be the added value that will make the finals of the Winter Split a truly unmissable event not only for the very active Rainbow Six community, but for all fans of the export that matters. There will also be, as per tradition, many insights, detailed analyzes of every tactic and strategy put in place by the players, as well as moments of pure entertainment with the host Edoardo “EddieNoise” Prisco and Raffaele “IlSolitoMute” Bottone, a true point of reference for the Italian community and a great expert in the game, who will also award the winner of the “Top Performance” award by WD_Black.

The Mkers, reigning champions and returning from the excellent twelfth place obtained at the Six Invitational, and the Macko Esports, team determined to conquer the winter title again, will compete for the last kill on Friday 12 from 11:00 on the stage of the Intel Esports Show. once, after beating the Mkers in the final last year. On the one hand, therefore, a team accustomed to international stages and which wants to strongly affirm its dominance even at home, on the other a solid, strong and motivated organization that has already shown that it knows how to beat a top-tier opponent like the Mkers.

To take charge of the ambitions of the respective teams will be, for the Mkers Aqui, a new entry with a great desire to raise the trophy at his first national final and Gemini, the true ace of the team. Among the most representative players of the Macko, however, we cannot fail to mention Alation, the flag of Italian export with numerous important competitions behind him and Sloppy, who returned home after an experience abroad with Tempostorm and willing to put the own signature on winning the title.

It will be a truly exceptional showdown, a unique opportunity to see the best Italian players clash at the highest levels to prove that they are the best in the square and be crowned champions. The grand final, of course, will be commented by the iconic voices of Etrurian and Chinook who, together with the live audience, will contribute to making the atmosphere of the Intel Esports Show truly electric and full of emotion, for an appointment to be marked in red on the calendar of all Rainbow Six Siege fans.

Fans will be able to enjoy the live show in the export area of ​​Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2021 on November 12, or follow the live streaming on the channels Youtube and Twitch official Rainbow6IT.

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