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Mind the STEM Gap: Triennale and Bracco Foundation against stereotypes

On 1 July the new installation protagonist of the Giancarlo De Carlo Garden was officially inaugurated Milan Triennale. It is an innovative project, which combines technology with an important social message. Is called Mind the STEM Gap – A Roblox Jukebox and wants to focus attention on the cultural obstacles (and not only) that still prevent free access to knowledge, especially for the female population.

Mind the STEM Gap, a step to avoid

There is a gap which we often do not pay attention to, but which we must learn to notice as the title of this installation suggests. It is the one between the male and female presence in the ambit STEM, that is, subjects related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Both academic and professional fields that they are totally dominated from the masculine presence, well beyond equilibrium.

The reasons for this situation are also partly linked to gender stereotypes. The idea that these areas are purely masculine is unfortunately still rooted, sometimes even unconsciously, and is perpetuated in the new generations through family, friends and even the school itself. It is necessary to focus on this gap, to commit to reversing the course.

A goal that Bracco Foundation has been pursuing for some time and which last year resulted in the launch of the Mind the STEM Gap manifesto. Presented in September 2021, it collects some principles to be followed in order to be active in practice and promote this cultural transformation.

It goes from one more attention to stereotypes and how these are reaffirmed even without wanting it to the development of critical thinking. Try to reflect as much as possible on the world around us, on the words we use, to be able to identify the critical issues that sometimes escape us. And then, of course, we need to be and promote gods role models, which can be an inspiration for young women. Precisely in this Mind the STEM Gap – A Roblox Jukebox it is particularly punctual and effective.

A digital path against stereotypes

Photo by Delfino Sisto Legnani © Bracco Foundation

The installation, which can be visited in the Garden of the Milan Triennale until October 31st, offers aedutainment experience aimed at players but also players aged 10 and over. Through the famous Roblox platform, a digital location has been created where you can explore the world of science and deepen the different points of the aforementioned manifesto. All guided by the Virgilie extraordinary, scientists and scholars from all eras of history, thanks to the possibilities offered by technology.

Small and small participants (but also adults) will thus be able to reflect on stereotypes alongside Marie Curieunderstand the use of a language appropriate to Ada Lovelacerediscover self-confidence with Maria Gaetana Agnesilearn the importance of role models with Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopiadevelop critical thinking with Anna Atkins and finally reaffirm the community idea together with Annie Jump Cannon.

Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia inside Mind the STEM Gap – A Roblox Jukebox

In every field they will find challenges, set in a virtual world. Through these minigames not only will they be able to learn a lot about 360 ° world of science but also on what is important to do to be able to contract that gap we talked about above. And then, once the experience is over, it can be an excellent opportunity to visit theUnknown Unknowns International Show own Triennale Milano (perhaps in the company of the whole class).

Ersilia Vaudo, Main Curator of this International Exhibition, declared:

“With today’s progress, the economic gender gap is only widening. At the heart of the reasons for this regression lies, according to the WEF, the widespread and systematic under-representation of women in emerging roles and skills, all essentially in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) territories.

Indeed, these are the sectors in which the potential for empowerment and economic emancipation for women is real. STEM job opportunities are steadily increasing, the employment rate is higher, and wage growth dynamics more pronounced. More girls choosing to pursue STEM careers. This is the road to a revolution, the possibility of making an irreversible transformation, and definitively occupying those spaces in which the future is imagined and built “.

A design designed to pay homage to Milan’s virtuous past in this field

Carla Morogallo, General Director of Triennale Milano, added:

“Together with the Bracco Foundation we want to convey an important message against gender stereotypes and promote new paths for girls and girls to approach science.

The interactive project Mind the STEM Gap – A Roblox Jukebox fits perfectly into the constellation of exhibitions, installations and projects that is the 23rd Triennale International Exhibition and offers an enrichment of the educational proposal that we have developed on the themes of Unknown Unknowns, aimed at girls and children, their families and schools of all levels. One of the central objectives of the International Exposition is precisely to involve the youngest in this reflection that opens a dialogue between art and science “.

Finally, Diana Bracco, President of the Bracco Foundation, as well as one of the first guides (together with her dogs) that the children meet in the installation closes:

“A conscious education aimed at empowering girls and girls is crucial to breaking down the walls that still exist at school, in the family and in all social contexts. This is why our Foundation is at the forefront in the fight against prejudices that limit the presence of women in STEM disciplines, which are in great demand today on the job market.

With our installation at the Triennale we want, on the one hand, to encourage young girls to discover little-known professional paths, and on the other to stimulate access to scientific disciplines through excellent role models. In addition to the installation, in fact, for the school year 2022/2023 we will organize the cycle of testimonies ‘The experts go to school’, with the professionals of the # 100esperte project to promote gender equality through direct dialogue with students ” .

For more information on Mind the STEM Gap – A Roblox Jukebox we refer you to the official website of the Bracco Foundation.

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